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PFLAG of Jacksonville

Over the course of PFLAG's mission of support, education, and advocacy we have been fortunate enough to collect valuable resources. These resources are a collection of publications, letters, links, and more to guide you on your journey of understanding your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender friends and family. 

PFLAG Publications

Local Links of Interest

  Jacksonville Coalition for Equality 

  6 Words Documentry
  The GLBT National Help Center
  UNF LGBT Resource Center
  NFAN (Northeast Florida AIDS Network)
  JASMYN (Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network)
  Christ Church of Peace
  St. Luke's CC
  Equality Florida

  First Coast MCC of St.Augustine
  North Florida AIDS Quilt Chapter
  Lutheran Social Services
  Jacksonville LGBT Families
  LGBT/JAX Directory

  Mx. Anunnaki Ray

National/International Links of Interest

  United Nation's Intersex Fact Sheet

  Human Rights Commission

  Houston Intersex Society
  Organization Intersex International

  Intersex Campaign for Equality
  Intersex Support for Parents (Closed Facebook Group)

  interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth

  Stop Intersex Genital Mutilation
  Intersex Inclusive PFLAG Chapters

  The Trevor Project (Support)

  Trans People Speak
  PFLAG FOCN-African American
  Lambda Legal
  PFLAG: FOCN-Latino

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